Land is an average RuneScape Player. He is skill oriented, dislikes combat, and has four level 99 skills. His favorite skills are Agility, Woodcutting, and Smithing.

Land is the creator of RuneScape Players Wiki.

Skill Level
Attack-icon 77
Defence-icon 73
Strength-icon 77
Constitution-icon 77
Ranged-icon 66
Prayer-icon 70
Magic-icon 84
Cooking-icon 99
Woodcutting-icon 99
Fletching-icon 99
Fishing-icon 99
Firemaking-icon 92
Crafting-icon 81
Smithing-icon 72
Mining-icon 86
Herblore-icon 61
Agility-icon 81
Thieving-icon 80
Slayer-icon 59
Farming-icon 71
Runecrafting-icon 57
Hunter-icon 58
Construction-icon 75
Summoning-icon 58
Dungeoneering-icon 58

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